Our company offers a various range of document archiving services.

We provide the takeover of the archive, its transport, the organization and preparation of documents in order to be stored, the proper storage in our secured spaces.

Our services address to a wide range of clients. Our clients are active in the financial-banking, legal, health fields etc.

By using our services you will save time and money. Our state-of-the-art archiving systems enable you to access any type of document in much shorter time than if you stored it yourselves.

Your documents are stored in such a way so that you can find anything any time in just a few minutes.

By storing with us documents that you must keep for up to 30 years, you save time and space. Thus, your spaces will be used for other purposes, which are more appropriate to your object of activity.

Our storage spaces are provided with systems for protection against damage (deterioration, fire, floods).

The documents you need may be delivered to you by mail, email, facsimile or they can be transported at the address you indicate in the shortest time possible.


If you store them in your own spaces, you have:

Ø Much higher costs

Ø The time needed to find a document is
much longer

Ø You incur the risk of document
deterioration namely by fire, floods, rodents, thieves etc.

Ø You find out very late that your
documents start to deteriorate

Ø Higher costs with the employees taking
care of document archiving and maintenance


Services we offer:

Ø Relocation

Ø Archive storage

Ø Archive transport

The archiving is performed on shelves covered with corrosive proof non-emission dye.

The archiving boxes are made of cardboard binding 1,7mm thick, with dyed exterior surface, which ensures the protection of documents with time.

The transport of the archive from and to your headquarters is done with specialized and verified personnel and with special vehicles in order for your important data to be transported in full safety.

We ensure that any document you request is sent back to you, to your employees who are authorized to receive the archive.


You do not have enough space to carry out your activity?

Have you expanded your activity and the old documents stand in your way?

Have you changed your office address? Nothing simpler!

We are the solution!

Our specialized team is there for you.

We pack, transport and store all documents which are no longer of any use to you in your office, but which must be kept.

Document consulting

In order for you to consult the documents you requested our company sends the archiving box as shortly as possible to your headquarters, guaranteeing the safety and the integrity of the transported documents.

Archive recycling

Those documents containing very important data, but which exceeded the keeping deadline and which are no longer needed for the company’s daily activity, can be sent for recycling.

The documents the company considers important (the company’s strategy, client data) suppliers, which must be destroyed in a maximum safety environment.

Our company renders the following service: destruction of documents in a maximum confidentiality and safety environment.

Our warehouses observe the storage conditions according to Law 16/1996 on keeping documents in adequate conditions, and the Norm regarding the technical and functional characteristics of the spaces and equipment for storing and preserving the archives administered by public and private archive creators, issued by the National Archives.