Choosing the registered office of a company is the first operation within the process of setting up of a company.


Easy, at first sight.


                Actually, except finding the ideal location, choosing of an office also involves certain agreements with the neighbours or different individuals.

                The registered office could be the property of some association or an area on rent.

                The image of the area shall be connected to the image of your company.

                At the same time, all juridical operations in connection with the setting up of the office must be studied.

                The agreement of the neighbours or of the Owners’ Association is often required, something which is not always feasible.


                We make your life easier!


                With our hosting services you no longer need all these agreements.

                Also, in opposition to law practices, the rental term is just as you want it to be, for as long as you need it.

                You can set up your office with us, without performing any activity in there.

                You can receive mail at the office. You shall be notified of having received it, in the shortest time possible.


Having your registered office hosted by us, IN SAFE CONDITIONS, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Reducing the incorporation time of the Company from 7 to 3 (2) days;
  • Receiving mail and immediately being notified of it;
  • You no longer need the agreement of the owners’ associations;
  • You no longer need the agreement of the neighbours directly affected by the change of destination of the area;
  • Decrease of costs on rents, utilities, security, secretariat, mail;
  • You have the certainty that you will benefit from professional mail reception and notification services. By means of a perfect communication system, you will always be informed when you receive mail from ANAF, Fraud Squad, ITM etc, so that you can respond in due time and not be excluded from the economic circuit without fault.


Our registered office hosting offer is of 240 €/ year.


                Looking forward to working with you!